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No home is complete without candles. They prove that you, an adult, have your shit together enough to be tuned in to what the subtle scent and soft glow of a burning wick can do. And trust us, it can do a lot. A candle makes you feel comforted. It makes you feel like a pine forest is outside the window, or a sagebrush desert and an open sky. It roots you in happy memories of happy places. And, quite honestly, it’s an impressive hosting flex to invite your guests in, strike a long-stemmed match or flick open a lighter, and light a good-smelling flame. So don’t pick a candle dud like anything brightly colored that smells like a pie, a Christmas tree, or a piña colada. Stick with these.

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Sea Salt + Sage Candle



The idea, of course, is ocean air, mixed with the kind of aromatic scrub that grows on seaside cliffs. And the effect? Relaxation, pure and simple.

No. 04 Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle

P.F. Candle Co.


Also known as the “boyfriend candle” because it smells like all things sturdy and reliable: teak, black pepper, tobacco, and leather.

Volcano Candle

Capri Blue


Warm. A little bit sweet. Distinctly tropical. Capri Blue’s Volcano scent makes you feel like you’re in the midst of a vacation on an equatorial island that, yes, probably has a volcano on it.

Charcoal Candle



Brooding and minimal. Its cedar and sandalwood scent serves up serious yet subtle vibes.

Grapefruit Candle

That refreshing spritz of citrus you get when you peel open a grapefruit? This is that, just in candle form.

Cannabis Candle

Malin + Goetz


Earthy with a slight sweetness, it’s the closest you’ll get to an herbal scent without stepping into a garden. In other words, it doesn’t smell like weed.

Ojai Candle



Norden is based in southern California, and it took inspiration for this candle from late wintertime in the state’s verdant Ojai Valley, with the woodsy scents of palo santo, patchouli, and frankincense. This candle burns essential oils, and the base is reusable.

Concrete After Lightning Candle

D.S. & Durga


No joke, this was meant to smell like a thunderstorm over asphalt. Amazingly, it does.

Santal 26 Candle

Le Labo


Le Labo artisanal candles are to be treasured. They’re that good. Santal 26 in particular is a favorite, with smoke and leather tones.

Ambre candle



The Diptyque amber is ubiquitous for good reason: There’s no way you won’t like the complex mix of woodsy smells with spice.

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