Folks, I’ve got a confession to make: There was a period of time, say, throughout most of high school, were I straight up refused to wear a T-shirt unless it was a V-neck. Yes, it’s true. I can’t deny it any longer. I’m sure this revelation is shocking for a few of you, so I’ll let it sink in for a moment. There’s no two ways about it—I was an avowed V-neck aficionado.

As a gangly teenager, there was something about baring a subtle hint of male décolletage that made me feel like I was living out a sort of freewheeling lifestyle fantasy, even if the closest I’d come to realizing that vision was working up the nerve to bump Get Rich or Die Tryin’ at a moderate volume over school speakers when the teacher left the room. In other words, the appeal of the V-neck is not lost on me.

But before you go thinking the oft-reviled V-neck is back again, let’s set the record straight. Fashion is indeed a fickle temptress, but she ain’t that fickle. For the most part, a classic crewneck will always be the better choice, but if you’re convinced you’re a V-neck dude through and through—and can’t do without ’em—rocking one as an undershirt is a solid way to get your fix. In that spirit, I rounded up a few of the best V-neck undershirts available now, so you can live out your own far-fetched fantasies without baring any visible chest at all.

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Short Sleeve White V-Neck (6 Pack)

Fruit of the Loom


A hefty grip of tees from Fruit of the Loom is still as good as it gets. 

AIRism V-Neck T-Shirt

Uniqlo’s ultra-breathable AIRism line offers some of the lightest undershirts around, all with a soft, silky finish. 

The Cotton V-Neck Tee



Everlane’s take on the style is substantial enough to double as a standalone layer if need be. 

ComfortSoft Tagless V-Neck (10 Pack)

For the dude who only does laundry in his nightmares.  

Ultrasoft Stretch Modal V-Neck

Calvin Klein


The brand that made luxury undergarments a bona fide thing does the V-neck tee very right. 

V-Neck Undershirt (3 Pack)

Land’s End


Ditto the brand that still stands for all things Americana. 

18-Hour V-Neck Undershirt

Mack Weldon


Mack Weldon lets its proprietary blend of fabrics sit for 18 hours (!) before cutting it to allow for a fuller expansion process. Translation: It’s tees are super soft. 

V-Neck T-Shirts (3 Pack)

Polo Ralph Lauren


A silhouette America helped make popular, stamped with a pony-shaped seal of approval from a master of American style. 

Superfine Cotton T-Shirt



I’ve recommended pretty much every version of Sunspel’s quietly luxurious take on the T-shirt, and I’m sure as hell not stopping now. 

Cotton-Blend T-Shirt

Derek Rose


For the true V-neck connoisseur, Derek Rose uses a signature Pima cotton blend to make his very, very soft version. 

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