White Jeans are intimidating for a few reasons. First, it’s much harder to say yes to the best foods—buffalo wings, greasy cheeseburgers, hot dogs loaded with condiments, spaghetti you can slurp—when you’re wearing them. Second, sitting down in public is like walking on eggshells. God forbid the tiniest brown spot ends up on the ass of your white jeans. Your friends with high school senses of humor would never let you live it down. Lastly, in most circles, they’re bold as hell. Few dudes you know have the cojones to give them a shot.

One man who is not afraid: Joe Jonas, brother of Kevin and Nick, and husband of Sophie Turner. He just delivered a nearly perfect tutorial on how to wear white pants—if you’ve got the gumption for it (you do).

Jonas’s walking-down-the-street-with-a-drink-in-my-hand fit (above) is Exhibit A. It’s also your White Jeans 101 guide. An easy takeaway from Jonas’s look is to make everything else you’re wearing generally the same color. (This isn’t a requirement, but it will help ease the skittish of donning white pants.) What helps his cause even more is that the Carolina blue suede trucker jacket he pairs with his white jeans is the kind of statement piece that causes misdirection. The jacket—not the pant—is the first thing anyone would ask him about.

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Freshmen need not apply to Jonas’s next course: All White Everything. He came through very icy here, and did so amid a physical activity at that. Jonas isn’t afraid to get his whites sweaty and dirty—and neither should you. The aforementioned fear is baked into our brains from the first time our parents put a bib on us. But clothes were meant to be lived in. Yes, even his Louis Vuitton sneakers will have more character once Jonas’s bike pedals have their way with them. Hell, if he got clipped by the side mirror of a passing cab, the contact with New York City’s filthy streets might do his fit some good. (To be clear: I don’t wish this upon Joe Jonas.)

Nevertheless, for now, Jonas’s advanced move of white on white on white plays because he’s going about it with confidence. Plain and simple: to pull this off, you need only the intestinal fortitude to put it on. There is one thing he could do to improve his steez, though.

While white jeans are still very much in play—and will be beyond Labor Day, because people who still follow that rule haven’t been paying attention—having them grip your thighs like Jonas Brothers fans clutch their autographed copy of Its About Time is very much not. Silhouettes are trending wider these days, which means Jonas’s boys have a little more room to breathe if he lets them.

We’ll sing his praises either way, because even if they’re a bit constricted, the guy had the balls to wear white pants two days in a row.

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