Exercising sucks. You’d much rather just sit on the couch and play your action RPGs in peace. Well, too bad, it’s time to get your ass up and get on Ring Fit Adventure with me. I need it, maybe you need it, either way, we’re gonna burn those calories and have a damn hoot and holler while we do.

Nintendo’s shockingly good Ring Fit Adventure fitness video game launches today for $79.96, including both the game and one of Nintendo’s signature peripherals, the new Ring-Con. Gone are the days of the Wiimotes and Wii Wheel; now everything’s a “con” to Nintendo. Anyway. This game is legitimately fun, and it gets the blood pumping. The Ring-Con has a surprising amount of resistance, making flexing it a workout on its own. The game also utilizes a Joy-Con strapped on your thigh for balancing, posing, jogging in place, and more. While motion controls have always been a hit or miss for gaming, Ring Fit Adventure actually accurately reads what you’re doing. Yep, that means no more Wii Sports frustrations, where you’re screaming “I hit that!” or “I didn’t spin that ball!” at an inanimate object.

Beyond just the tech, Nintendo once again is showing us how much it understands fun. The title really does make you want to keep working out, and it has so much variety and versatility in how it gets you to stay active that you sometimes forget you’re actually doing something pretty damn physical. If you’re worried about it being too easy or too challenging, there’s a ton of difficulty settings built in to assure everyone and anyone can play, and get a nice workout in, too.

New Nintendo Switch

$274.99 with coupon

As goofy as it may seem, Ring Fit Adventure is a great addition to the Switch roster, bringing some of that physicality from the Wii back, but doing it so much better than before. So whether you’re trying to get active, stay active, or just want a really fun and different game, pick up Ring Fit Adventure. As a plus, if you’re looking to pick up a Switch specifically for Ring Fit Adventure, which is some serious commitment to your health, Amazon’s got a decent deal for you: The new Switch model with the improved battery life is on sale (click the little coupon box) for about 25 bucks off. Now, back to the couch and the action RPGs until your purchase goes through.

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